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Utah Consumers Rights Protection Attorney

Nobody wants to get ripped off. In a perfect world, everybody should to be treated with honesty and respect.

But in today’s world, it seems consumers are constantly under attack. Whether it is a dishonest car dealership, harassing phone calls from telemarketers and debt collectors, deceptive practices by a mortgage lender or a an employer obtaining your credit report without permission, sooner or later most people in Utah will encounter some form of illegal business practices. While most businesses are run by law abiding citizens, there are others that try to bend the rules and take advantage of their customers. Fortunately, there are ways to fight back. The attorneys who are part of the network are committed to protecting victims of fraud and improper businesses practices. Our network of experienced and knowledgeable consumer rights protection attorneys utilize a vast arsenal of legal resources to help clients in Utah recover their losses and regain their peace of mind.

Most people and attorneys do not understand their rights as consumers. What you don’t know about consumer protection law can come back to haunt you. Far too many responsible and hard working people are falling prey to unscrupulous businesses. Fortunately, there are laws in place designed to protect consumers from fraud and harassment. The Consumer Protection Act was designed to protect regular people from threats by creditors, debt collectors and people who obtain your credit report without consent. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 prevents telemarketers from calling your cell phone without permission. The Fair Debt Collection Collection Practices Act places restrictions on how often a debt collector can call. It also requires creditors to properly notify consumers by mail with all information needed to resolve their debt.


The legal professionals at the who are part of the network includes Utah consumer rights protections attorneys ready to fight for you and to always look after your best interests. We help regular people with a variety of consumer related problems including:

  • Debt Collection Harassment
    Debt Collection Harassment

    It can be a scary and annoying feeling. The sound of your telephone constantly ringing from creditors and debt collectors can drive anyone craz

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  • Misrepresentation and Deceptive Business Practices
    Misrepresentation and Deceptive Business Practices

    Countless consumers throughout Utah fall victim to misrepresentation and de

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  • Predatory Lending
    Predatory Lending

    Your home and car are the two biggest investments you will ever

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  • Employment Background Check Errors
    Employment Background Check Errors

    When most people apply for a job, they expect prospective

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  • Consumer Rights Violators
    Consumer Rights Violators

    It happens far too often. Many businesses, employers, medical facilities,

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  • Excessive Medical & Dental Collections
    Excessive Medical & Dental Collections

    Going to the hospital can be a painful experience. But the reasons go beyond just getting medical treatment. One hospital visit can result in a

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HOW UTAH Consumer Protection Attorney Can Help

The results of consumer fraud and harassment can be financially devastating. Many victims find themselves thousands of dollars in debt from fraudulent collections. Others may have their personal information stolen from unauthorized credit reports. Unfortunately, far too many people allow it to happen because they either feel powerless or do not know what to do. The UTAH consumer protections lawyers who are part of the network can help provide solutions to resolve your problems. As your legal advocate, we are prepared to stand by your side from your initial consultation and all the way through trial. We understand the frustration of unfair business practices and harassment. Our legal team has successfully represented many men and women in the same position.

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There are few things worse than falling victim to a scam or consumer fraud. It can give anyone the feeling of being violated. But there is a way to stand up to harassing creditors and big business bullies. The first step is to contact the Utah consumer protection attorneys who are part of the network will work diligently and fight aggressively to ensure your rights are protected and to help recover any financial damages.


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